Bàn phím Ozone Strike Battle Spectra


Keyboard: 87 phím cơ Cherry MX RGB
Switches: Cherry Red lực nhấn 45g, với độ bền 50 triệu lần nhấn
Internal Memory: 64kb, giúp lưu trử Macro và Profiles
Macros:  6 phím Macros, thiết lập 5 profiles, FN key.
Nkey Rollover: tất cả phím (anti-ghost)
Led Backlit: RGB 16.8 triệu màu tuỳ chỉnh.
Gaming Mode: Khoá phím Win
Size & Weight: cao 34.6, dài 351, rộng 123(mm), 685gram
Plug: USB mạ vàng, với dây bọc dù chống nhiễu dài 1.5m.
Keycaps: Phím nhựa ABS 94HB, thiết kế layout.
Top-Case Material: Vỏ Aluminum, chống giật tĩnh điện.
Software: Download từ trang chủ, hổ trợ tuỳ chỉnh Macro, LED
Compatible with: Win 10, 8, 7, Vista


Spectra – 16.8 Million colors

Ozone has renewed Strike series upgrading Strike Battle with RGB functions to fulfill the needs of the actual gamers and make it totally customizable; 16,8 million colors, 7 different lighting effects and color map profiles.

Custom Color Maps

Mark and map your keys with different colors to keep track of your commands, spells, weapons or shortcuts and create a spectacular environment in your gaming sessions.

Cherry MX mechanical switches

Fast and reliable, Cherry MX is the most wanted switch amongst gamers thanks to its smooth touch and precise mechanism.

Easy Access Media Keys

Whether it’s audio or video you can instantly control volume, mute and other audio functions.

G-Mode Function

The Game mode option will allow you to disable the windows key when you are in the middle of the action.

Ten Keyless & Aluminum topcase

Strike Battle Spectra`s compact size and ergonomic design is perfect for travelling. And thanks to its strong aluminum top case you will enjoy a long lasting and resistant keyboard, a weapon built for battle.

Powerful & intuitive Software

Get the most out of your keyboard and easily create your own settings, shortcuts and macros.

ALL-KEYS Macros in 5 profiles

To suit every game and gamer save your Macros on almost every key in 5 different profiles.


  • Keyboard: 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard
  • Size: 34.6 x 351 x 123 mm
  • Cable Lenght: 1.5m Braided Cable
  • Voltage: 4.75V±10%
  • Memory: 64KB on board memory
  • Nkey Rollover: All keys (anti-ghost)
  • Gaming Mode: Desactivation of Win Key.
  • Compatible: Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • Weight: 685g
  • Keycaps: ABS 94HB
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 250 mA
  • Connector: USB
  • LED Backlit: 16.8 Million colors RGB
  • Macros: All keys in 5 profiles
  • Macro Keys: All (except Fn)
  • Top-Case Material: Aluminum


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