Bàn phím Ozone Strike Pro Spectra


Keyboard: 104 phím cơ Cherry MX RGB
Switches: Cherry Red lực nhấn 45g, với độ bền 50 triệu lần nhấn
Internal Memory: 64kb, giúp lưu trử Macro và Profiles
Macros:  6 phím Macros, thiết lập 5 profiles, FN key.
Nkey Rollover: tất cả phím (anti-ghost)
Led Backlit: RGB 16.8 triệu màu tuỳ chỉnh, có kèm hiệu ứng.
Gaming Mode: Khoá phím Win
Size & Weight: cao 34.30, dài 441, rộng 135.70 mm, 1300gram
Inner Metal Plate: thép SPCC
Feet: ABS+TPR áp nhiệt siêu bền
Plug: USB mạ vàng, với dây bọc dù dài 1.5m, mạch tĩnh điện
Keycaps: Phím nhựa ABS 94HB, thiết kế layout.
Top-Case Material: Vỏ nhung, chống bám vân tay
HUB & Audio: USB, Microphone & Headset 3,5 mm jack
Software: Download từ trang chủ, hổ trợ tuỳ chỉnh Macro, LED
Compatible with: Win 10, 8, 7, Vista


Spectra – 16.8 Million colors

Ozone has renewed Strike series upgrading Strike Pro mechanical keyboard with RGB functions to fulfill the needs of the actual gamers and make it totally customizable; 16,8 million colors, 7 different lighting effects and color map profiles.

Easy access

Configure all the main functions on-the-fly. Strike Pro Spectra allows you to easily access the keyboard main controls; Multimedia keys, G-mode, lighting values and macros.

Custom Color Maps

Mark and map your keys with different colors to keep track of your commands, spells, weapons or shortcuts and create a spectacular environment in your gaming sessions.

” In my opinion , strike series has all that you may need for gaming. I can´t think of anything to improve this keyboard.. maybe RGB? (laughs) that would be sick.”

– Xpeke, Enrique Cedeño

USB HUB & Audio

Experience maximum availability and immediacy thanks to the keyboards built in HUB & Audio inputs.

Cherry MX mechanical switches

Fast and reliable, Cherry MX is the most wanted switch amongst gamers thanks to its smooth and precise mechanism.

Powerful & intuitive Software

Get the most out of your keyboard and easily create your own settings, shortcuts and macros.


  • Keyboard: 104 Keys Cherry Switch Mechanical Keyboard
  • Size: 34.30 x 441 x 135.70 mm
  • Cable Lenght: 1.5m Braided Cable
  • Inner Metal Plate:: SPCC
  • Voltage: 4.75V +/- 10%
  • Memory: 64 KB on board memory
  • Nkey Rollover: 104 keys (anti-ghost)
  • Gaming Mode: Deactivation of Win Key
  • Compatible: Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • Weight: 1300 gr
  • Feet: ABS+TPR
  • HUB & Audio: USB, Microphone & Headset 3,5 mm jack
  • LED Backlit: RGB with 16.8 million colors and lighting effects
  • Macros: Infinite macros by software
  • Macro Keys: All (6 indicated by default)
  • Profile Switch: 5 profiles by software


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