Bàn phím Ozone Strike Pro


Keyboard: 104 phím cơ Cherry
Switches: Cherry Red lực nhấn 45g, với độ bền 50 triệu lần nhấn
Internal Memory: 64kb, giúp lưu trử Macro và Profiles
Macros:  6 phím Macros, thiết lập 30 phím với 5 profiles, FN key.
Nkey Rollover: tất cả phím (anti-ghost)
Led Backlit:trắng, đỏ các phím tổ hợp game.
Gaming Mode: Khoá phím Win
Size & Weight: cao 34.30, dài 441, rộng 135.70 mm, 1300gram
Inner Metal Plate: thép SPCC
Feet: ABS+TPR áp nhiệt siêu bền
Plug: USB mạ vàng, với dây bọc dù dài 1.5m, mạch tĩnh điện
Keycaps: Phím nhựa ABS 94HB, thiết kế layout.
Top-Case Material: Vỏ nhung, chống bám vân tay
HUB & Audio: USB, Microphone & Headset 3,5 mm jack
Software: Download từ trang chủ, hổ trợ tuỳ chỉnh Macro, LED
Compatible with: Win 10, 8, 7, Vista


Strong, fast, accurate, comfortable & reliable

Strike Pro leads the evolution of gaming at its best. From the matchless tactile feel of its keys, to the stunning LED backlights, everything in Strike Pro is oriented to improve your Gaming experience.

Sensitivity is not incompatible with precision. Control is not isolated from speed. The new Ozone keyboard, Strike Pro, combines sensitivity, precision, control and speed in order to give you the best in every game.

G-MODE Function

The Game mode option will allow you to disable the windows key when you are in the middle of the action.


Flawless control when you’re pressing multiple keys at the same time.

Easy Access Media Keys

Whether it’s audio or video you can instantly control volume, mute and other audio functions.

USB HUB & Audio

Experience maximum availability and immediacy thanks to the keyboards built in HUB & Audio inputs.


To suit every game and gamer save up to 30 different configurations.

Key Switches for Every Gamer

Pick the key switches that suit you from the four most popular MX CHERRY switch colors – black, red, blue and brown.

What is the best Cherry for a mechanical keyboard ?: Red? Blue? Brown? Black? It really depends on every gamer, on every use. Strike Pro is available in the four most requested Cherry colors by pro gamers seeking speed and accuracy, an innate characteristics in the new Ozone Strike Pro. You can also configure the response time between the keyboard and the computer from 1ms to 16ms. That said, speed of response and accuracy: Strike Pro, your best gaming partner.


  • Keyboard: 104 Keys Cherry Switch Mechanical Keyboard
  • Size: 34.30 x 441 x 135.70 mm
  • Cable Lenght: 1.5m Braided Cable
  • Inner Metal Plate:: SPCC
  • Voltage: 4.75V +/- 10%
  • Memory: 64 KB on board memory
  • Nkey Rollover: 104 keys (anti-ghost)
  • Gaming Mode: Deactivation of Win Key
  • Compatible: Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • Weight: 1300 gr
  • Feet: ABS+TPR
  • Macros: 30 Macros 5 profiles
  • Macro Keys: 6


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