Nguồn Rosewill RD500S – 500W


– 80 Plus
– Modular Cable Management
– CSA, FCC, TUV, V UL Certified
– Extra-Long Cables Support Full Size Gaming Chassis
– Built-in inrush current, over temperature, over current Shielding Tube on main power cable to Reduce EMI Unit Weight: 5.2 lbs.
– MTBF >100,000 hours at 80% load 

* (20 + 4-Pin Mainboard) x 1
* (+ 12V EPS 4 + 4-Pin) x 1
* (6 + 2-Pin PCI-E) x 2
* (S-ATA) x 4
* (4-Pin Molex Peripheral) x 4
* (4-Pin Floppy) x 1


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Rosewill Stallion Series RD500-2DB 500W ATX12V Power Supply

The Rosewill Stallion Series RD500-2DB Power Supply is the combination of a beauty and a beast, great for power-hungry systems.

Clad in a black shell, lit within with cool blue LED lights, the Rosewill RD500-2DB is a real beauty and will give your system an appealing, high-tech look.

Up to 500W of total output power with dual +12v rails powers your computer system consistently and aggressively. The dual 80mm ball-bearing blue LED fans with smart temperature sensor provide the excellent balance between cooling and noise. The mesh-wrapped cables make builds easy with clean, great-looking results. The built-in protection circuits provide maximum safety for your critical system components.

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500W Output Power with Outstanding Dual 12V Rails

The Rosewill RD500-2DB delivers 500W of total output power to juice up your PC system. Dual 12V rails with 31 amp of power provide plenty of independent, reliable power.

ATX12V V2.2 Compatible

Compatible with the ATX12V v2.2 standard, the Rosewill RD500-2DB provides maximum power stability to drive the processors as well as other system components.

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Quiet, High-performance Blue LED Fans

The Rosewill RD500-2DB comes equipped with dual 80mm ball-bearing blue LED fans to deliver effective cooling to keep the PSU always running at peak performance. The smart temperature sensor intelligently adjusts the fan speed according to the system temperature for minimized operation noise. The bright LED lighting creates an eye-catching look for your PC system.

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Mesh-wrapped Cables

As in all cases, being well connected is of major importance, and sprouting from the housing are a multitude of mesh-wrapped cables to connect all your components. The mesh sleeving allows for easier cable routing and provides better ventilation. Universal motherboard connectivity is ensured with the 20+4-pin main connector and 4/8-pin EPS connector.

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Comprehensive Protection

The Rosewill RD500-2DB offers built-in protection circuits against inrush current, over temperature, over current and over voltage to provide maximum protection for your critical system components.


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